When working in the field of healthcare, you must comply with federal regulations, manage risk and reduce liability. But above everything, you are expected to protect the safety and privacy of your patients and their information.

Smart Screening offers background checks and verification services specifically tailored to your industry. We help you ensure that your staff meet standards and the expectations of your facility.

The staffing industry is fast-paced, and conducting background checks will help you place ideal and reliable candidates quickly.

We offer customized screening programs based on the risk level and needs of every position and client.

In the pharmaceutical industry, the protection of intellectual property as well as product lines and special products are key so operations comply with board and federal regulations.

Our company can tailor a background check package which covers all areas including criminal record check, education verification and more.

In the transportation industry, safety is key. Your company can’t risk hiring personnel with DUIs and law issues in their record.

Smart Screening provides background checks that include court and DMV records.

The reputation of your institution relies on the credentials of your faculty. Make sure your staff has fully verified education and licenses.

We acknowledge administration funds are limited, but we can help you establish a complete yet cost-effective screening program.

Your customers trust you with their personal and property safety. It is crucial to count on trustworthy people, and knowing your candidates’ background helps you make the best choice for the company.

Creating an enjoyable and memorable experience for your guests depends on hiring the right people. A combination of a complete background check and strong hiring policy ensures you make the right decision.

We offer tailored background check packages, bulk order processing for seasonal hiring and international searches.

Your customers rely on you to provide excellent care and safety to their most loved ones, and knowing your candidates background ensures you’re providing safety to the ones under your care.

Our services help you minimize risks and harm in an industry where there are no second chances.

When you’re in charge in the manufacturing industry, you must keep your eye on everything to ensure your production lines run smoothly and deadlines are met. Your business can’t afford unreliability and downright theft.

We can customize screening packages for every position in your company, so you can focus on achieving your company goals.

As the person in charge of hiring, you’re responsible of recruiting personnel that is reliable and trustworthy to both manage sensitive information and valuable assets.

At Smart Screening, we perform background checks that include criminal, civil and credit reports so you know you’re hiring the correct person.

Reaching your goal and accomplishing your mission means recruiting volunteers and staff to make it happen, but not everybody is right for the job. Protecting your organization against fraud and theft prevents incidents that could put your organization’s reputation at risk.

We help you create a safe and efficient work environment.

Retail companies are constantly hiring employees, and you need a quick solution.

We are a local company with offices in San Juan, Puerto Rico with in-depth knowledge of the Human Resource Market offering a very competitive price structure.