Frequently Asked Questions

What does a background check consist of?

The employer determines the criteria to be investigated. A background check may include employment, education, professional licenses, criminal and sex offender records, motor vehicles and license records check. A candidate should get clarification from the organization requesting the check to understand what searches are being conducted. Also, by federal law, organizations are required to obtain written consent from the candidate prior to conducting a check.

How long does a background check take?

A background check usually takes 24 to 48 hours to complete. In cases where red flags appear, the check will take about 72 hours but this may depend on government agencies.

Will a misdemeanor or felony show up in a report?

A legally reportable non-conviction will show up if the employer is requesting a criminal check that includes misdemeanor and felony level crimes.

Where does Smart Screening get its information from?

There is no centralized government database that houses all the information about a candidate. We usually help employers verify the information provided in resumes, applications, background forms and interviews. Information may be researched from different sources. Some information, such as employment and education, is confirmed by contacting the organizations and institutions directly. On the other hand, criminal history is verified through police reports and public courts records.

Can a background check be disputed by the candidate?

Yes. If the candidate believes the information on the report is inaccurate, he or she may file a dispute with Smart Screening. This process may take up to 30 days. Keep in mind candidates are entitled to this information by federal law.

What is the cost of a background check?

The cost of the background checks varies based on several factors such as type, volume, candidate demographics and so on. Our company will tailor a cost-effective background check program that meets the unique needs of your organization.